UPDATE: The Preview Release has ended! The Bruce Clay SEO plugin is available to all WordPress users.

Click here for help installing the plugin.

Preview Release beta testers can use these instructions to install the Bruce Clay SEO for WordPress plugin. You will need the email that you received from Bruce Clay, Inc. to complete this setup procedure.

Note: Participation in the Preview Release is by invitation only.

How to install the Bruce Clay SEO plugin (Preview Release version)

First, add the plugin in WordPress:

  1. Download the zip file using the instructions in your beta test email.
  2. Log in to WordPress.
    NOTE: You will be testing a beta version, which may contain errors and might not function as well as software that is commercially available. Please do not install this Preview Release version on a production or business-critical site.
  3. From the WordPress menu, choose Plugins > Add New.
  4. Click Upload Plugin and then Choose File. Browse and select the zip file.
  5. Click Install Now and then Proceed. (Note: Depending on your server setup, you might be required to enter an FTP password, obtained from your hosting provider, in order to complete this step.)
  6. Click Activate Plugin. The message "Plugin activated" should show at the top of the Plugins window.

    Next, connect the plugin to the SEOToolSet®:

    1. From the WordPress menu, choose Bruce Clay SEO > Settings.
    2. In the SEOToolSet Authentication pane, enter your SEOToolSet username and password and click Log In. Once you are logged in, the message "You are currently signed in as [your username] in SEOToolSet" is displayed.
    3. Click the Edit (pencil) icon and select your Current Project. Each project in the SEOToolSet corresponds with a particular website domain. Choose the project that is connected with your current WordPress site.
    4. Click Save Changes.

    1. From the WordPress menu, choose Bruce Clay SEO > Settings.
    2. In the SEOToolSet Authentication pane, click I don't have an account.
    3. Enter your email address, username (can be your email), and specify a password (twice); click Next.
    4. Select your preferred billing plan and click Next. (Note: You will not be charged until the end of the trial period.)
    5. Enter your billing details. Click Next to complete your signup.
    6. Click Log in to the SEOToolSet and enter your newly created username and password.
    7. Next, create the website project. Enter a project name (such as ExampleSite.com), the URL of the site's homepage (such as https://www.examplesite.com), and a description if desired.
  9. Click Save Changes.

    Last, authorize the plugin to pull data securely from your Google account:
  10. In the Google Analytics pane, log in to Google (if you aren't already logged in).
  11. Click the Edit icon (pencil) and select the appropriate Current Account.
    NOTE: This is a one-time, secure setup to authorize a Google API. Your Google username and password will not be stored.
    This step allows SEOToolSet to pull your site's Google Analytics and Search Console data to display within WordPress.
  12. Click Save Changes.

We look forward to hearing your feedback! Please email your comments and questions to support@seotoolset.com.

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